InHerTubeInHerTube started with a harness.

Well, actually, it started with a bunch of bad harnesses! Anyone with a bigger body, or a body not shaped like “the norm” tends to be stuck with ill-fitting, uncomfortable and generally aggravating harness options. Kat was tired of it, and decided to find a better option, resulting in our Original Harness – a custom fit, comfortable, sturdy and incredibly functional piece of equipment!

From there she continued to explore what she could make with recycled rubber. Soon she had a variety of harnesses: a hand harness modeled after a wrist brace, a shoe harness to combine several of her fetishes, a thigh & chest harness, and most recently a double penetration harness that works on all bodies. To indulge some other kinks, she also made a variety of impact toys, luscious bondage accessories and two very naughty insertables!

All of our products are made with 100% recycled rubber from heavy equipment inner tubes (think tractors and scrapers, not bicycles). Other materials include wood and steel and all of our products are suitable for vegans! We now also sell high quality silicone dildos made by Vixen Creations (our favorites) which are compatible with all of our harnesses.

Welcome to InHerTube

A note about allergens – if you have a severe latex allergy, you should avoid our products (not including the ChainCock or any of the silicone dildos). Many people with a very minor allergy have no reaction, but we are happy to send you a bracelet to test the material before you order. Just send us an email! All of our rivets are nickel plated, which can be a problem for some.

We hope you enjoy exploring all we have to offer!


Meet the women behind InHerTube:

KatKat – I am the founder, owner and creative force behind InHerTube. I love pushing the boundaries of sexual experience and helping others do the same. I have always liked the smell and feel of inner tube. As a child, I went to my dad’s shop and played in the tire room which was off-limits. I always ended up filthy and eventually I would be caught and spanked because it was dangerous. The smell and feel of the tires and tube as I played (and became smudged with black rubber and grease) always outweighed any punishment my parents could dish out. Now I’m grown up and I can play with tube all I want, but the pleasure of being naughty has diminished. This is why I decided to design dildo harnesses and fetish gear as a way of satisfying my inner naughty girl. I hope to share this experience with you. Try it – and let someone catch you!


Annamarie – I am the InHerTube WebMistress, point of contact for web inquiries and who you’ll see most often at local events. Luckily for me, I also get to help with design and product testing, so I can answer nearly any question you may have about our products! Outside of InHerTube, I am a sex and BDSM educator and am involved with many local and national events. You can check out my offerings at