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Looking for a toy with some serious oomph behind it? Made of mild steel chain, welded and filed smooth, the ChainCock has you covered! The shaft comes in lengths of 6 ½ or 7 ½ inches and is 1 1⁄8 inch at the widest points. The handle is curved for easy control and can also be used for effective g-spot or p-spot stimulation. For those who enjoy temperature play, the ChainCock can be heated up in a sink of warm water or cooled down in the freezer. Clean up with soap, water and then dry thoroughly. You can also use your favorite disinfectant if desired. We recommend always using a condom with this toy. Should your ChainCock become tarnished, simply polish it back up with some steel wool!


We also finally have harness compatible ChainCocks in stock! These have a flat washer at the end that will allow them to be worn in most harnesses, but we recommend that you have some sort of pad behind it to protect your pubic mound. They are 6 ½” long.

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