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Original Custom Harness

Original Custom Harness


The complete harness was our very first product, and the reason InHerTube exists! Fed up with the lousy options available for big girls, Kat decided to design a custom harness to fit ANY body that was also incredibly functional. Our harnesses hold the dildo firmly in place – no more cocks pointing at the floor and not at your partner! – and are very comfortable to wear. Since every harness is custom made to your measurements, you don’t have to worry about buckles everywhere or long tails getting in the way. The fasteners are entirely industrial strength velcro for easy-on and easy-off and provide up to 4″ of adjustability for fluctuations in weight.


Any dildo with a flared base will work in this harness, and we offer two hole sizes: The 1⅝” will comfortably fit dildos from 1-2″ in diameter and the 1¾” fits dildos from 1½” to 2½” in diameter. If you generally fuck asses, go with the smaller size unless you play with size queens. Both holes can be stretched to fit nearly any dildo, so choose the size that fits what you use most often.


Individuals with a penis will find the Double Penetration Harness to be a better fit.

  • How To Measure for a Perfect Fit


    Measure 6 ½ inches from your clit upward towards your navel. Now place the tape measure there and measure your body’s circumference angling upwards towards the small of your back (going back to your imaginary belly button on your back). It should look kinda like the rings of Saturn, with the front measurement lower than your belly button but the back measurement level with your imaginary belly button.




    Measure from your clit, down between your legs and up to the small of your back. For more of a visual point of reference, stop the tape measure on your back where your navel would be if you had one there.

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