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Whip Clip

Whip Clip


Tired of your whips dragging in the dirt but wishing for an easier way to carry them? Our whip clip is incredibly effective! The rubber provides enough traction to hold your whips in place, unlike many leather versions. The clasp is a “lift the dot” fastener, meaning that your whips won’t come free if you accidentally bump the clip – it only opens when pulled in a specific way. The clip is designed to be worn on any standard belt up to 2″ wide and can comfortably hold one whip but can be stretched to hold two. If your belt is wider than 2″, send us a note and we’ll try to make something that will work for you!


The design has changed slightly, in that there is now a snap to connect the clip to your belt, eliminating the need to remove your belt first. New photos are coming soon!


“The best ever whip holder that attaches to your belt. [The] whip stays in place and [there’s a] quick easy-release and go clasp. A great item for any and all whip enthusiasts!” ~DaddyCrone

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